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Employees Have Spoken: 7 Actions HR Should Take
Thanks to the skills shortage and the Boomer exodus, organizations are now in dire competition for the top 10% of skilled employees-- who

Cybersecurity for Dummies eBook
APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) have changed the world of enterprise security and how networks and organizations are attacked. These


The 3 A's of Onboarding
If you're not onboarding properly, you can end up with new employees who don't know what they should be doing, and who may never fully

5 Tricks That Fraudsters Use to Target eGaming Operators
In this Playbook discover the results of conversations with exfraudsters and law enforcement officials about how fraudsters are targeting


The Contact Center Selection Checklist
Numbers speak for themselves: it costs about $500/visit to service a customer in person, $5.66/call with a live agent in a contact center,

The Master List of DNS Terminology
DNS is fundamental to everything that happens on the Internet.


Evolving Role of the Controller
This IMA research report provides insights into key trends that are shaping the finance function.

Using an E-signature Solution to Save Time and Money
Learn why your Sales, Finance and Human Resources departments should adopt an e-signature solution.


Business Online Visibility and Analysis Report
Ensure Your Business Listings Are Present and Accurate Across the Web!

Getting Ahead of the Compliance Curve
Adopting a Managed Approach to Web Security and Regulatory Compliance.

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